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Poll Package

i need a poll package


I'm in need of a JWPlayer package that can both upload and retrieve videos. To be clear, I'm talking about an API wrapper here.

Workflow System

Looking to see a workflow system created for providing an easy way to manage the life cycle of objects inside a workflow. It provides features to control the behavior of the active record in its associated workflow : transition tasks, status constraints, event model. Example here : http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/simpleworkflow/


Please i need a Package that can be used to communicate with biometric and face recognition using there SDK to store it in a database for so that i can use that to authenticate them using any of the two. Contact me by email talk2ahmed555@yahoo.com

Biometrics with Finger capture and face recognition

Please I need a package that can communicate with finger print sensors, capture finger prints and store them, also authenticate users with finger prints and face recognition, this is very important please. Contact me by email nensamuel@gmail.com on any issue

Developer Admin GUI

I'm new to Laravel (jumping in with v5!) and come from a ColdFusion background. ColdFusion has a uniquely powerful tool of a web administrator GUI. So when I think of adding to Laravel, I think of a web interface for things like: Artisan - view routes, run make commands, etc. All with intuitive and documented forms. Composer - run install updates and require commands. Could tie in with packagist for autofill of package names when installing a new one. Edit config files - view/edit the various Laravel config files.. for example, to turn on debug mode, click the checkbox. Enter database and mail sending credentials, etc. View log files. Configure scheduled tasks / cron - provide a web url that will be hit at a scheduled time. Optional feature of saving the result contents to a file. Update notifications - alerts what composer packages have updates available. Extended ideas: Git - basic stage and commit, pull and push. Linux - provide current performance metrics Plugin system - a standardized method where other Laravel packages could tie in to the admin interface to add a settings page (similar to how CMS plugins add menus and configuration in a predictable location) Elixir - open a tab that runs gulp on the server, just leave the tab open instead of leaving a console open. My question is: Does anything like this exist already? Since I'm new to Laravel I'm wondering if building something like this would be duplicated effort.

Credit system

I would love a kind of credit system for virtual currencies. So maybe a package with basic models and functions like transactions, etc.